Our story & philosophy



Studio Tonbo is a small and independent Ceramic and Design Studio from Munich run by us, Stephanie and Helena. 


Both of us have been working as graphic designers for many years and wanted to get back to the basics of design again: colors, shapes, textures and their interaction. All that we found in working with clay and porcelain.


Surrounded by many plants and other creative people, we make our handmade vessels and objects on the potter‘s wheel with a lot of passion and care. 

Follow our journey!

We work with natural raw materials such as clay and porcelain. Sustainability is a central theme in our way of working and thinking. That's why we recycle all our clay waste and pay attention to environmentally friendly packaging.

The most beautiful shapes are
simply found in nature
We create unique objects with our hands out of earth, water & fire.

Come by and visit us in our studio in Munich Sendling.


Pictures by Michael Berninger